A New Exercise To Test Drive….And To Name.

Internet Forever!
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I haven’t posted here in more than a little while. I’d like to say it’s due to being incredibly busy working, in between Jacuzzi parties with Swedish swimsuit models, but it’s not.
I’ve just been slack. And lacking writing inspiration.
Well, actually I have been busy. Somehow I seem to be training more clients in person than I have in years, despite attempting to actively reduce my workload. I haven’t taken on anybody new (I haven’t actively sought to take on new clients for about four years now) but it just seems that everything has aligned where everybody is present and healthy, so my training shifts have been consistently long and dense, and my training program writing demand has increased exponentially. First world problems I guess.
Plus, thanks to all that is amazing about the Internet, I’m currently taking an online exercise physiology course from Melbourne University which has hacked into my spare time substantially. I don’t receive anything tangible out of it, but it’s a quality course, and it’s free, and my physiology game could always do with some brushing up as it has never been my strong suit. Give me program design and biomechanics any day, thankyouverymuch.
But seriously, that’s how amazing technology is today. I get to do a university course, at home, for free. And that’s not even mentioning the glory that is YouTube! To anybody who says they’re bored, ever, I say you’re doing it wrong. Internet forever!

Anyway, the point is I’ve been slack, and still feel like being slack for a while longer yet.
However, lest this blog start gathering dust, I figured I’d at least share a video that I shot yesterday.
I was in the middle of my own training session, Steve Bailey was finishing up his, and we got to talking shop and exchanging training ideas, and came up with a new one. At least I think we did. If it turns out that someone somewhere has already done this one, I wish to remain blissfully unaware, thank you.
It’s an incredibly rare occurrence that I actually invent something myself. I think I could count on my fingers the amount of exercises and training ideas I’ve come up with solely of my own accord. Though I’ll give myself a little credit for adding a tweak here and a trick there to improve a movement as I see fit, the fact remains that probably 98% of everything I do is unashamedly stolen from people smarter than me.

So try this one out for yourself, and then with any suitable clients, and I’d love to hear back from you as to whether it worked a charm or if it sucked miserably. Or at least if you can give me a suggestion for a better name for it, that’d be just super, too.

The Half Kneeling Offset Push/Pull Complex (name pending):

Additional points:

For brevity’s sake, what I didn’t mention in the video is the importance of correctly setting the half kneeling position. While the exercise may look as though it’s primarily concerned with the row and the press, which I guess it is, don’t discount the fact that there’s a lot of additional stuff going on simply from a positional stability standpoint. You really need to get into the position with some appreciable weight in your hands to fully understand the challenge.

To quickly test that your half kneeling posture is sound, check out this short video:

For a far more in-depth explanation of the half kneeling position, check out this longer video which then leads into a deeper analysis of the whole split stance series progression:

And you can check out more of Steve Bailey’s work over at MovePainFree.com.au 

Thoughts, questions, hate mail, or anything I missed? Feel free to drop a comment below.
And of course, sharing this article will naturally help you jump the queue in your wait for karmic justice to start paying out.

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