About Me

Hi, I’m Will Levy.

I train people. In the real world, that is.

I don’t do “online training” or “online coaching”.

I have no problem with that medium, it’s a great option for many who would be otherwise limited financially or geographically. But all online coaches will acknowledge it’s a compromise.

And it’s not a compromise suited to me.

I train people face to face. I get hands-on. I see the joy, the tears, the struggle and the triumph. I see the fatigue and the distractions. I see the excitement and the frustration. I see the progress.

I’ve had clients lose weight, build muscle, get stronger, faster and better at their sport. I’ve had clients learn how to train pain-free, or sometimes even rid themselves of pain completely, though that’s not my job. It’s just a bonus sometimes. I know my scope of practice.

I get invited to my clients’ dinners and Birthdays and weddings and Bar Mitzvahs (yeah, I work in a very Jewish area, and no, despite my surname, I’m not Jewish).

I talk to their doctors and physios and sports coaches.

I’ve encountered problems while training my clients and overcome them. I’ve encountered other problems and worked around them. Occasionally, I just have to say “I don’t know.” I’ve come to learn that’s okay though.

At this time of writing, I’ve delivered something in the vicinity of 20,000 personal training sessions.

I think I’m starting to get the hang of it, though I could be wrong.

Will Training

Sometimes, I find myself in a position to educate other fitness professionals, too.

I’ve managed a team of up to 15 trainers in a commercial gym. I’ve hired and fired staff and ran countless meetings.

I’ve worked in a boutique studio.

I’ve worked in, I guess, a ‘hybrid’ S & C/PT facility.

I’ve conducted workshops for staff and other fitness and health professionals, face to face and online.

Somehow, I even got my mug on a television series about fitness. Man, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing back then!

As of July 2015, I’m the proud co-owner and operator of Melbourne Strength & Conditioning, with my business partner Sia Pickersgill. That was a loooong time goal accomplished, after lots of hard work and much struggle.


I also admin a pretty significant Facebook group for fitness professionals only. It might be the best one going around. I’m admittedly biased, and there’s a small handful of others that could make that claim. But I’m confident it’s up there.

I’ve made so many mistakes it’s ridiculous. Few people could have made as many as me.

I’ll make a bunch more, too. But hopefully they’ll be rarer, and not so wildly wrong.

I was full bro once.

I thought reading blogs was “research”. Now I actually read real research. It’s rarely exciting. In fact, it’s usually a fucking chore. But I now understand and appreciate how it makes me better at what I do, which makes my clients better. Or the clients of other trainers I speak with. And that’s really what matters.

I guess I’ve become part of the “Evidence-based” crowd. I don’t see that as a bad tag, however I hope it doesn’t become an abused term and a cliché.

Notice I said “Evidence-based” and not “Research-based”. I respect the evidence hierarchy, but I’m highly cognizant that the real world is rarely reflected perfectly by PubMed.

I’ve got a little skin in the game. I’ve trained myself for a long time. Not particularly well, but hey, score a few more for the “learn by fucking up” team.

I guess this is all to say that I started this here blog to share a few of my thoughts, mostly related to fitness, which I like to think I know at least a little about (I like other stuff too. No really, I do).
I can’t promise I’ll be consistent. I’m a busy man and am prone to wild swings in motivation. But bit by bit, hopefully I’ll amass something resembling a respectable blog that demonstrates some of my body of work.

And that’s really all this is. This is no sales pitch. The chances that you, dear reader, are in the geographical vicinity to train in person with me are slim, and to be honest my client roster has been full for a long time anyway.

So I hope you enjoy some of my ramblings. Or at least learn something from them. Or at the very least, get really, really, pissed off by them.

Drop a line if you wish.
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