Articles I’ve written for other sites, or been interviewed for. When I finally pull my finger out, this list will get longer.

A Corrective Exercise Specialist’s Guide To Training Clients Through Pain And Injury (Re-purposed version of my original “Training Around Pain” article).

DOMS: The Good, The Bad, and What It Really Means to Your Training

Can’t Squat or Deadlift? Grow Your Wheels With These 4 Single Leg Training Tips *

Using Workout “Finishers” to Build Muscle and Burn Fat: Part 1

Using Workout “Finishers” to Build Muscle and Burn Fat Part 2: Sample Finishers

The Ultimate Guide to The Plank

Seven Lessons for the New Weightlifter

*For reasons not revealed to me, have since removed their blog. Thus, my articles for them have been re-posted within my site (March 2015).  


Musculoskeletal Health and Older People

Interview for Strength Portal

One line cameo in the Australian Financial Review

Contributor to Life Hacker article “Where People Doing High Intensity Interval Training Often Go Wrong”