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As far as “best of” articles go, this one is about as arrogant as they come. Because who am I to create a best articles list, really? In fact, I’m so underqualified for this that I’m not even dubbing it a best of 2014, but rather just a general best of. Because the fact remains, I’m a very slack blogger. Having finally pulled my finger out and begun this blog in 2013, my blogging career thus far could only be described as inconsistent.
The reality is that I’m never going to be the guy who pumps out 3-5 blog posts per week. My posts are typically on the longer side, generally well edited, and I like to think that I usually opt for a quality over quantity approach.
In doing so, I have put out at least a handful of articles that I feel are pretty useful for either the end-user or the fellow fitness professional. And as my reach has extended somewhat since this blog’s genesis, via social media, a couple of articles written for other sites, and other collaborative projects and presentations, there’s a few articles I feel my newer audience may find useful.

So with that justification out of the way, here’s my incredibly biased best articles list.

1. The First Step To Fixing The Fitness Profession  

While you might be able to sense some of the frustration I was going through in my working life at the time of writing, I still feel that this piece is some of the best content I’ve contributed to the industry in terms of highlighting a major issue and offering a practical solution.

2. The Lunge Bible 

This was one of my very early posts and the first one including practical training content. And with it, this one kinda put me on the online fitness map and led to me being labeled as the single leg training guy.
I intend on going back and updating it a little in future, but the info is still sound.

3. Angled Bar Pressing Variations. And, Why Power Lifting Isn’t The Holy Grail Of Training 

I felt this article turned out really well, and with its combination of practical, ready-to-apply info including plenty of video demonstrations, and its addressing of a larger issue within the fitness industry, this is the style of content I envision I’ll be producing more of in future.

4. The SHELC and the Nordic Hamstring Curl: Pregressions and Progressions For Hamstring Strength, Injury Reduction and Rehabilitation

Returning from a writing hiatus I figured I better come up with something pretty good, and this fairly short post involved a surprising amount of time on my end due to the research that went into it.
Practical video demonstrations, sound references, no crazy claims, an angle on something I hadn’t seen anybody cover before, and extremely positive feedback from many high level trainers and rehab professionals alike, I was very happy with how this one turned out.

5. Playing With Staggered Stance

Tons of video demonstrations and a ready to roll sample program to boot, I thought this piece was fairly straightforward in explaining a simple tweak that I and many other quality fitpros have been using for ages. The mixed reviews would indicate otherwise, as this one got picked up on Reddit and the screams of “How stupid and dangerous” followed from the online bros who just couldn’t seem to wrap their simplistic minds around the fact that asymmetry is not only normal, but that it can also be trained effectively. Ah well.

6. Does Fitness Make Us Better Thinkers? (AKA “How To Strike Up A Conversation Over A Beer With A Fitness Professional”)

This was a long, tortuous and oddly cathartic piece which I managed to pull together out of some remote recesses of my mind. For those who made it through, it seemed to strike a chord, with overwhelmingly positive feedback. If you decide to give it a crack, please let me know what you think.

7. Correcting The Foam Roller Thoracic Extension

Does exactly what it says on the box. A short video to tidy up a subtle yet common mistake I see, and the response was really positive.

8. How Being An Armchair Mixed Martial Arts Expert Can Make You A Better Personal Trainer

Short, very readable, and a nice follow up to #1 on this list, I think the specificity of mentioning MMA within the title might have turned a lot of readers away before they really gave it a chance. I feel this one deserved a bit more coverage, so I’m slipping it in here.

9. Two Tips To Make Your Training Program Better Today

Again, does as advertised. This was actually a really easy piece for me to write as it’s just putting on paper (or screen) some concepts that I’ve been using and teaching for years. So despite its simplicity – although it does include a TON of videos – this one received some really nice feedback, so it made the cut.

10. Tracy Anderson: A Charlatan And A Disgrace To The Fitness Profession

It’s not effort or creativity that earns this one’s place here; that all belongs to the authors of the articles included within. I am merely the collaborator. This one had to be on this list through sheer weight of numbers. Upon publishing this went pretty viral, and has since had more shares and views than all other posts on this list combined!
But really, this was just my good deed for the day. Feel free to do the same by sharing it around again 😀

I’ve got a ton of stuff going on in my life on all fronts right now, but I plan to be back with more consistent content soon enough. In the meantime, I hope you take something useful from some of the above offerings.

Thoughts, questions, hate mail, or anything I missed? Feel free to drop a comment below. And of course, sharing this article will naturally help you jump the queue in your wait for karmic justice to start paying out.  

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