Learn and Lift
Learn and Lift

For those who don’t know, I created and co-admin what’s become a pretty damn handy Facebook group called The Education of a Fitness Professional.

What’s particularly useful and unique about this group is that it’s only for fitness professionals. So we actually screen all the join requests. If we hover over your name and can’t see that you’re a personal trainer, s & c coach, dietician/nutritionists, physiotherapist, or the like, then we don’t add you in. Simple.

Also, I monitor it closely for spam. So any random dropping of ads or “like my page” posts are dealt with swiftly.

And, we have a fairly extensive resources section under the Files tab, including studies, recommended reading and listening lists, and other useful tidbits.

But the best part is that overall, the theme of the group has grown very organically to be one that is very much evidence-based. If you want to go make some crazy claims, people are going to ask questions of you and demand sufficient evidence.

Anyway, now close to three years in and 5000+ members all individually screened, my co-admin James Garland and I decided we’d jump on the podcasting bandwagon, and use as it an opportunity – a little different to the typical fitness podcast – to be a companion service to the group, and delve deeper into some of the more popular/heated/ridiculous threads that we have within the group.

Anyway, if you’re a fitpro and you want in the group, then make sure your Facebook profile displays the fact clearly, and shoot through a join request here.

And then, subscribe and download our latest podcast episodes here or here.