The Band-Resisted Skater Squat

Skater SquatI’ve put up posts sharing tweaks and modifications to common exercises a time or three before. Most just so happen to have been for a variation of a single leg exercise, as those tend to have a lot of options available to them. And, that seems to have become kinda my thing.

Some people will say that these are pointless, foo foo, fluffy exercises. That’s fine. Those people aren’t my audience, and I know they almost certainly never actually tried them. And, I know that I’m pretty damn anti-foo foo. I still promote lifting heavy shit and not spending too much training time swinging ViPR’s around.
Those who can appreciate the benefit of these modifications as another option in the methodological toolbox, will.

With that said, credit for this one goes to Jake Moller, owner of Mace Fitness here in Melbourne Australia, whom I graciously stole this from. I just took the time to explain it and film it.
Check it out:


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