This Week’s Best Podcasts for Training, Nutrition and Health #2

As I loosely promised last week, I’m back again with a handful of the best podcasts from around the Interwebz on all things training, nutrition and health related. Granted, it was a slow week for training content, but we had a bunch of nutrition episodes to pick up the slack.

Let’s go.




Old Gem:

  • As this seems to have been a rather scant week for podcast releases, I thought I’d dig up an older episode, a rare gem that is an interview independent researcher Anthony Colpo from earlier in the year. A major point of discussion, and a very intriguing one at that, was on bodily iron stores.

    That Paleo Show 19: Interview with Anthony Colpo

That’s it for this week, but I’ve just discovered a couple of new podcasts I’ll be checking out this week, and hopefully they’ll be good enough to include in next week’s list.

Thoughts, questions, hate mail, or anything I missed? Feel free to drop a comment below. And of course, sharing this article will naturally help you jump the queue in your wait for karmic justice to start paying out. 

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