This Week’s Best Podcasts for Training, Nutrition and Health

Learning while lifting

Between running a business training clients, training myself, writing, interacting on social media including playing admin on what I dub the best Facebook group for fitness professionals going around, though I’m biased (if you’re a fitpro and are interested, ask me about it on Facebook) and, you know, life, I don’t get as much time as I once did to read heaps of online articles and blog posts. While I still have a few favourites I regularly check up on, and I’ll open up an interesting looking link that comes across my social media here and there, I’ll leave any attempt at writing up a “best of” collaboration post for reading material to those that are now better suited to do so.

But this isn’t to say I’ve slacked off in the continuing education department. Far from it, in fact. My reading time has simply been redirected away from online content to more actual books, as well a fair share of research reviews and the odd full study (I’m by no means a “research guy”, but I’m learning). But primarily, I spend a heap of time educating myself through more time efficient means, i.e. things where I can multitask. 

Whether paid or free content, when I’m home alone, you can be sure that almost any time spent on mundane domestic duties like cooking and eating, is done so with my laptop blaring away in the background, playing some type of video or webinar from either a paid-for membership site like Body by Boyle or (see banner to right) or a free one straight off YouTube.

Too, when out of the house, you can be sure that I make the most of my time with my headphones in and iPod churning through something educational, entertaining or, preferably, both.
Again, I have my paid-for option in the form of audiobooks from (I’m currently listening to this) along with stacks of free content in the form of podcasts.
My audio learning time often consists of upwards of ten hours per week, encompassing virtually all my drive time, my own training time (once upon a time, when my warm up was over I’d flick over to some angry “my Mother didn’t love me” type music to get me pumped up for my heavy lifting; those days are long gone, and I now deliberately aim to lift in a state of calm) and any mundane time in between such as strolling through the supermarket. This means I get through a lot of podcasts.

So all this is really just to say, I feel I’m as suited as anyone to provide a weekly “best of” for podcasts in the realm of training, nutrition, and perhaps the odd miscellaneous, because why not? I’ll endeavour to make this a weekly regular from now on.

Here’s the best from the past week, give or take:
(Note: I just download stuff as a Mp3 file. iTunes doesn’t really do it for me. So all links will take you straight to the podcast’s website. You can sort out your iTunes issues from there).


  • Researcher, trainer, educator and muscle hypertrophy expert Brad Schoenfeld is interviewed by Armi Legge over at his website, this time specifically on strength training for fat loss.Your Scientific Guide to Strength Training for Fat Loss
  • The Strength Coach podcast is an audio staple for myself and many strength coaches and trainers. Last week’s episode was a special “half” episode, an interview with Eric Cressey as part of the marketing campaign for his latest product, the High Performance Handbook. Regardless of essentially being a product plug, Cressey, as usual, drops some great knowledge in this episode.The Strength Coach Podcast Episode 133.5
  • The FitCast is another long-time fitness favourite, though it’s aimed more at the fitness enthusiast than the fitness professional. Eric Cressey was on board here this week too.The FitCast Episode 275
  • I can’t find a date on this one and I don’t know when it was released, so I’m including it here. Melbourne local Mark Ottobre interviewed strength coach Derek Woodske in what was a great interview for the aspiring – or even the experienced – fitpro on his Maximus Mark podcast.Brain Picking with Derek Woodske – World Class Strength Coach  


  • The mother load for the week was a guest post over at Bret Contreras’ site, with lecture recordings from an International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) workshop. Over four hours of content from five lecturers.Overview of the 2013 ISSN Europa Workshop in Phoenix
  • Evil Sugar Radio, the podcast out to wage a war on dietary dogma, is everybody’s new favourite nutrition listen. While previous episodes have included a great line up of guests, this week hosts Scott Kustes and Antonio Valledares took on a few listener questions by themselves.Evil Sugar Radio Episode 16
  • In truth, at the time of writing I haven’t yet got to this one, but having listened to bodybuilders Ben Pakulski and John Meadows kick off their podcast by interviewing Brad Schoenfeld (again!) and having just listened to Dr. Wilson as one of the lecturers in the aforementioned ISSN workshop, no doubt this one will be worth the time investment for the nutrition research geeks.The Muscle Expert Podcast Episode 3 


  • UK based trainer/marketer Paul Mort has just kicked off his podcast – with an episode every day! Too much for me to cover so far, but it is primarily aimed at marketing for the fitpro, and he’s had a couple of big name guests on his show already including Dax Moy and, probably the top pick so far, Alwyn Cosgrove.The Paul Mort Podcast – Alwyn Cosgrove
  • Not that I really need any explanation to include an episode of the Joe Rogan podcast here, being someone who enjoys seeking alternative ways to think about life, not to mention being an avid MMA fan, as is the case for many people involved in fitness, Rogan’s podcast scratches a peculiar intellectual itch. What was so special to me about this episode however, was that it was an interview with Steven Pressfield, author of one (actually several) of my all time favourite books, The War of Art, a creative kick in the arse for fulfilling one’s life’s work.The Joe Rogan Podcast #405 Steven Pressfield (also on YouTube)

That’s it for this week. While there were one or two one-off editions here, there were also several other regular podcasts that didn’t air this week. So hopefully over the next couple of weeks I’ll have provided enough content for you to start building a nice little weekly playlist.

If there are any other great fitness related podcasts that you think I might be missing out on, please leave a comment letting me know so that I can look into it.

Thoughts, questions, hate mail, or anything I missed? Feel free to drop a comment below. And of course, sharing this article will naturally help you jump the queue in your wait for karmic justice to start paying out. 


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