Tracy Anderson: A Charlatan And A Disgrace To The Fitness Profession

FraudI don’t know it all. Far, far from it.
I’ve been wrong before. Very wrong. Many times. I’ll be wrong again, too. Many more times.
Same goes for every other trainer or coach in the fitness industry. I’m sure I could find at least one thing I disagree with from every single trainer in the world.
That’s ok though. I still learn from them, and we’ll usually agree on more topics than not. We’re all learning. If we’re wrong, it’s not because we’re trying to dupe anybody. We present the best information we have at that time. 99% of people, this industry included, are genuinely good people with good intentions. We want to help.
Who are the remaining one percent?
They’re the industry’s charlatans.

Charlatans do not have good intentions. They are not in this for lifelong learning and helping others through delivery of the most accurate and beneficial information they can find.
They are in this solely for self-gain.

From the online Free Dictionary:

Charlatan – A person who makes elaborate, fraudulent, and often voluble claims to skill or knowledge; a quack or fraud.

That is, charlatans are content to sell false information, empty promises, lies, in order to take your money.

Tracy Anderson, the “celebrity trainer” most famous for gaining the role of Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal fitness adviser, is one such charlatan of the fitness industry.
I do not know her personally, but I am flat out stating that she is not a good person. She deserves to have her name dragged through the mud, and her utter incompetence, despicable lies, and role in setting fitness training back half a century (particularly for females) highlighted for all to see.

Is this just petty jealousy and ad hominem attacks? HAHAHAHA! No. You’ll just have to take my word for it that I am 100% secure about my role and proficiency in this industry.
But I am tired (and I’m sure I speak for many in this profession) of having to clean up her mess. Re-educating folks to undo the damage she has caused.

"No woman should ever lift more than 3lbs" - Tracy Anderson. Like, she actually said that.
“No woman should ever lift more than 3lbs” – Tracy Anderson. Like, she actually said that.

There are plenty more charlatans in this industry. But Tracy Anderson is a major one, so I’m starting with her. I may or may not get to some of the others (hell, here’s a quick sample for you anyway: Dr. Oz, Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper, Dave Asprey, Gary Taubes…).

What is the purpose of this?

To have a single post to reference, with as much useful content in one place, to use as ammunition against any pro-Tracy Anderson content you happen across.

Again, I’m sure I speak for most of the fitness profession when I say there’s been countless times that we’ve come across an article promoting Anderson that makes us want to club a baby seal or take a steak knife to our wrists, and we would love to reply to the article systematically ripping it apart piece by piece. But we know that the effect would be mostly futile, and the effort and time spent won’t be commensurate with the reward.

So post a link to this article instead. Because here’s a bunch of quality articles countering Tracy Anderson, all in one place.
Several people, many far smarter than I, have already done the heavy lifting (<– those already familiar with Anderson will appreciate my hilariously intended pun) for me here and put together articles picking apart various aspects of her nonsensical training advice.
Just add the link to every article promoting Anderson that you happen across. Tweet it to her or the article publishers. Post it on her Facebook comments. Everyone do it. Repeatedly. With enough volume, people will have to notice, and start questioning her.
Let’s call out the frauds, hucksters and charlatans of the fitness industry and remove them one by one.

Got any other quality Tracy Anderson bashing articles? By all means, please let me know and I’ll update the list. Drop them in the comments section or send them straight through to me if you’re seeking anonymity.

*UPDATE: Thank you to those who have sent me more content which I have now added to the list. Keep ’em coming. Also thanks to everyone who shared this. I’ve been told of it being tweeted to her directly and shared on her Facebook wall, which is awesome!
We’re talking about scam artist to the tune of $110 million here. Let’s  do what we can to rid our industry of her so that others don’t fall for her lies.

Thoughts, questions, hate mail, or anything I missed? Feel free to drop a comment below. And of course, sharing this article will naturally help you jump the queue in your wait for karmic justice to start paying out. 

67 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson: A Charlatan And A Disgrace To The Fitness Profession”

  1. Unfortunately, she is also ONE rich charlatan. ;( You know that when we bash her like this, all she does is laugh, laugh, laugh….all the way to the bank. I think she is a disgrace to the fitness/strength world and as a female, I am often ashamed of my sex for given in to these out right lies. One day, I hope, women will wake up and realize what she has done. Until then…..who knows?

    1. She is indeed E (and Jillian Michaels, Asprey & co aren’t doing too badly either!).
      There are more and more quality trainers who seem to be getting more popular press and getting noticed in the mainstream by training some of the stars in the U.S.(see Valerie Waters for Hollywood stars, Joe Dowdell in New York, Adam Bornstein taking over Livestrong, several of the good guys in the S & C field getting world renowned training the pros) and with the accessibility of information we’re slowly making a dint. But we’re probably a generation short of saving most women from Anderson 🙁

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Fuckin’ Right On, Brother! But wtf has Gary Taubes done to have him even mentioned with same group of characters. Seriously…I don’t understand…give me an example because I def want to know. Thanks & Peace

    1. Thanks for reading Matt!

      Re Gary Taubes, he is a known cherry picker, spreading mis or limited information to spread his insulin/carbohydrate hypothesis and the idea that carbs are the devil and the sole cause of obesity, and that exercise doesn’t help weight loss.
      I needn’t explain too much further as there are far smarter folk in the nutrition realm than I who have already covered this, most notably James Krieger with this one:

      Yoni Freedhoff was rather polite in alluding to his cherry picking tendencies here:

      Stephen Guyenet pulls apart the insulin/carbohydrate hypothesis here:

      And from memory Leigh Peele and Alan Aragon are among other highly respected names in the nutrition field who have critiqued Taubes heavily, so you could probably find some stuff from them.

      Enjoy the rabbit hole! 😉


      1. For the segment of the population which is genetically predisposed to type 2 diabetes, who are really suffering in the modern world, Gary Taubes’ information is extremely useful.

        That Taubes’ information is not useful to the other 80% or so of the population does not make him a charlatan, because his information is very accurate and helpful to 20% or so of the population.

        Sure, perhaps Taubes over-sells things as applying to everyone, and there is probably another 20% of the population who would do poorly on his advice. But that still doesn’t make him a charlatan.

        1. Hi “Me”,

          Thanks for reading.

          I understand what you’re saying, but your reasoning here is incorrect, and in fact opposite of the truth:

          You say “That Taubes’ information is not useful to the other 80% or so of the population does not make him a charlatan, because his information is very accurate and helpful to 20% or so of the population.”

          This is kind of like a composition/division logical fallacy. Just because the information he puts out happens to be useful for some populations, does not negate the fact that he has cherry picked studies and info to support his false hypothesis (and therefore sell books, articles, seminars etc.). He has been called out on this repeatedly by highly credentialed nutrition experts and has consistently avoided responding publicly or changing his stance in light of overwhelming evidence. It is this that does indeed make him a charlatan: “someone who professes knowledge or expertise, esp in medicine, that he or she does not have”

          Again, nutrition isn’t even my strong suit and I can see the obvious error here. I suggest looking into the likes of James Krieger, Anthony Colpo, Alan Aragon, Leigh Peele, Evelyn Cocur (Carb-Sane) and other far more credentialed people in the field than both I, and Taubes, for more information on this. I have linked to some examples in another earlier comment.

  3. Basically my entire purpose in life is to, in a very thorough and detailed manner, de-bunk all manner of fitness bullshit seen in popular media. I actually just finished up a piece on Tracy Anderson ( But I’ve also completely reviewed both of Bob Harpers terrible books, ranted about David Kirsch, etc. etc.

    Cannot agree more with you. She is 100% a BAD PERSON no matter how nice she can seem. She has frauded people out of thousands of dollars, been sued more times than I can recall and I have nothing but loathing and contempt for her and everyone like her who profits off misinformation.

    1. Thanks Kat, keep up the good work in tearing down these charlatans!
      I’ll check out your post later and it to the list if it fits.

      I’ve got nothing to add, we’re on the same page 🙂


  4. i’ve known about Anderson for some time and i’m boggled by her continued success. I’m curious though, what’s the issue with Michaels?

    1. Thanks for reading Hakirby.

      Jillian Michaels, and Harper and the entire The Biggest Loser concept as a show is a joke on many levels. As a trainer I am embarrassed that TBL is the mainstream product that the public gets to exposed to to represent us.
      With Jillian specifically, aside from obvious incompetence as a trainer (see her infamous kettlebell videos, if they haven’t all been deleted yet after she was publicly whipped over them for how unfathomably woeful her technique and instruction was) there was this, which IMO speaks something to her character overall:

      And then whatever really happened out of her own dodgy supplement line:

      (And yes, I’m aware that’s nothing but an opinion website, but I’m really not going to waste any more time than a quick Google search on Michaels. I suggest digging around and seeing what you come up with).


      1. Thanks for having the balls to do this, it needs to be said.

        It’s mind boggling that it has even gotten this far, how are these people capable of making millions off this BS?

        Don’t people possess the ability to judge certain types of characters, especially when there’s so much written data on these people, disputing their bullshit concepts?

        The power of Hollywood fame can obviously take you far in this industry, but shit I wonder how the hell Anderson ever got this far, I mean what rational person would listen to her talking for more than 30 seconds?

        Keep up the great work you do here!

        1. Thanks David! The inability to critically think and subsequently get duped by this type of stuff staggers me too. I really don’t have an explanation for you. IMO it’s a multi-factorial issue including a desire for quick fixes, unrealistic body image expectations, and herd mentality. There’s a serious problem here.

      2. Yeah, I remember the Kettlebell nonsense and I hate TBL. I hate the way they treat fat people on it. Getting to that size isn’t about laziness it’s about trying to fill a massive hole in your soul. Really fat people need counsellors before dieticians. screaming at them that they are fat and lazy does not help. I was once invited to do an opinion people on someone’s blog after they’d done a “Playful” post of “Ten Things Jillian Would Say To Fat People”, that and the comments made me melt down in their comments. I never did it though, because the comments I got from fat people when I asked about their experiences made my heart break. I should just have put out the replies I did get.

        I do like her non kettlebell dvds, But I turn off the sound and play my own music, because hearing rubbish like “400 pound people can do jumping jacks” makes me want to reach in through the screen and slap her. I could run a marathon. But without the right training and prep, I probably shouldn’t..

        1. Dealing with obese populations is just a whole separate discussion, but suffice to say for now, it’s very much a multifactorial issue that goes well beyond activity level and exercise.
          I still have nothing positive to say about any of Michaels’ knowledge or content.

  5. Will, thank you so much for all these links. I’m a new PT and astounded by the amount of bad information out there misleading the general public.

    Because of my dance background I get asked a lot about Tracey Anderson (who, by the way is alleged to have fabricated a significant portion of her dance background). I looked at the choreography on one of her videos and burst out laughing.

    As for heavy training automatically making a woman bulky she clearly does not know what she is talking about.

    She does a tremendous disservice to our industry

  6. Has anyone actually tried TA workouts? Because talking shit is very easy. Why should someone trust bloggers which opinion is nothing but nonsense? ”Professional” trainers like you, only reading articles about Tracy Anderson without knowing her method, are nothing more but haters.

    1. Hey NotTellingYouMaName,

      Thanks for reading.
      Serious question for you: I’ve always been genuinely curious, a PR gig with someone of Tracy Anderson’s level of notoriety, does it pay well?

    2. tell you what, I’m about 30lb overweight, though fit. I’ll do her programmes to the letter and put it on facebook and youtube, i’m not buying them though. you lend me you dvds or whatever, and i’ll vlog it. being serious with that offer

    3. As a former employee of hers I can say first hand she is a fraud. I couldn’t get out if there fast enough.

      1. Thanks for sharing signedtosilence, great to hear some confirmation coming from those even closer to the source (not that we really need it, because seriously, just look at her!).

  7. So, the first 2 links have some kind of merit. Although i will say that they are both guilty of taking a comments completely out of context and using them. The rest of the links are utter tabloid magazine bullshit. Please, if you are going to try discrediting a person could we have a little bit more fact than 2 articles by people with what credentials?

  8. I have a lifetime of Dance behind me, there is nothing wrong with her routines. They are totally adequate for what she is wanting the student to achieve. By the way, you only need to look at her extensions into attitude to know she is classically trained. Are we all a little jealous perhaps?

    1. Juliana, you understand that she is a trainer, supposedly telling people how to get fit and strong and healthy, right? People aren’t going to her for dance instruction. You’re way off base here.
      And jealous, haha, no. Well actually, maybe I am slightly jealous that my moral conscience impedes me from selling lies and destroying people’s health and confidence in order to make millions of dollars. So, you’re right, I might be just a touch jealous of her total lack of ethics.

      1. Wow, I am speechless at how some of you Americans really go on the attack. I get it that you are wanting to sensationalize your blog, but you also need to realise that A lot of Tracy Andersons Mat work and cardio dance routines are based on the Jazz Ballet syllabus. So excuse me but I am not way off base as you so rudely put it. Is it possible to convey your thoughts Will without being so rude? There are so many people out there enjoying her program and that are getting fabulous results. Social media has a lot to answer for, a great forum for bullies who act big and have a lot to say whilst hiding behind a keypad. It’s simple, if you don’t like her routines and her diet…Don’t do it !! How hard can it be….Do you need to invest so much time on somebody that you loathe so much?

        1. Juliana, first of all I’m Australian, not American.
          Second, no, I’m not trying to sensationalise my blog. Look around. There’s virtually nothing I’m selling here save for some books I recommend and two affiliate links to products I rate highly, all of which yield me a matter of a few cents.
          Next, I didn’t “rudely put” anything, I am stating fact. What her dance style is means nothing to me, nor to anything in the context which I have written. She is marketing herself as a personal trainer for FITNESS and HEALTH, not dancing. She might well be the greatest dance instructor in the world for all I care. It doesn’t mean anything regarding her fitness knowledge though. Not only that, the information she does provide ranges from useless to flat out dangerous. THAT is why I take the time to write about her: to warn others. I couldn’t give a shit about sensationalising my blog. Jeezus, I haven’t written a blog post since this one! Hardly pushing the issue too hard am I…
          Hiding behind a keypad? Look at my YouTube link, I put myself out there to be critiqued as much as I can. And of course I spend my workday training REAL people in the real world, as well as training other fitness professionals, so feel free to drop in and see me at work next time you’re in ol’ Melbourne town and see that I’m not hiding from anyone.
          Again, I didn’t invest my time into this for her or for me; I did so to warn others.
          Now, please put down your confirmation bias and step away from your dogma. Ty.

  9. I’m from Indiana just 45 minutes North of Tracey’s first dabacle. As a pilates studio owner she defrauded both investors & clients. She locked up one day and took prepaid membership fees and left for LA. She is a con artist.

    1. Thanks Lori! But of course, that doesn’t matter if you’re a “classically trained dancer” or whatever it was. Because ethics be damned, along with minimum competence.

  10. I have just skimmed through all the comments in regards to people’s thoughts on Tracy Anderson. Totally disagree with the “negative” comments. For the past year, I have been doing Tracy’s Metamorphisis programme and I have lost over 10 kgs – and am getting into good shape too – especially in the areas where going to the gym had no effect. I am also staying at the same weight of around 51 kgs now. I do this all at home, six days a week, first thing in the a.m, as I do not have time to go to the gym, etc (with work and kids). I always lost motivation with gyms but with Tracy’s method, have never missed a day since I started on 31 March 2013. This has certainly been a life changer for me, getting me into good shape and feeling well and confident about myself. A lot of friends and family have certainly noticed the big change. I am going to continue to do the Tracy Anderson Method and recommend it to other women (and men) out there. She may have different principals to the standard ways of training and working out, but certainly know that her principals do work, if you set you mind to it. Thanks, Sonia (from New Zealand).

    1. Just curious Sonia, how much are you getting to eat on this plan?

      Weight loss is mostly to do with calorific intake, although training effectively certainly does help. However, weight loss can be a sign of improved health or it can be symptom of worsening health.
      Drastically restricting intake (as is my understanding of the TA Method) would be an example of weight loss to the detriment of one’s health and well being.

      As to the efficacy of her exercise programming… well, I suppose anything is more effective than nothing. However if it was possible to grade the efficacy of exercise programs on a scale of one to one hundred, she’d be at about a one compared to… well, pretty much anything else.

      1. On the first three months, stuck to Tracy’s eating plan as much as possible. Only chose to eat the things I liked from the menu choices, rather than what was suggested, but still kept it close to what was required (took something out and replaced with another choice). This pretty set me up into eating better, making better choices with food that I now eat today.

        So all in all, Tracy’s programme has set me up for a better lifestyle. I’m eating well, getting daily exercise, as well as looking and feeling heaps better than what I did. It may not be for all, but certainly is for me.

        In a month’s time, I would be finished my Continuity Year 1 programme and I already have Year 2 from the States sitting on my desk to start doing in June. I will continue this programme for another year. Can’t wait to see the results then.

        Have yourself a great day! Cheers, Sonia

  11. Thanks Sonia for sharing to those that feel they have superior knowledge of the fitness industry and that Tracy Anderson does know what she is talking about. Unfortunately however you are wasting your time on this blog. Wil Levy is such an expert, surprising that he’s not even got a name for himself in the industry?

  12. Tracy Anderson is ridiculous, just looking at her prance about gives me a headache! What I don’t understand is this: If her workouts can, as she claims, remodel your body completely, then why is hers not more toned and lean? She might be ‘tiny’, but that’s in the height department! There is no need for a good fitness trainer to look a certain way, but when you base your whole method on appearance it does matter.
    If lean+skinny is the goal then maybe someone like Lisa Marie of Bodyrocktv might be an inspiration, but surely not Tracy Anderson because there is nothing lean or skinny there! It’s totally absurd that anyone would listen to her when there are so many other programs out there that really work and are fun to do. Crazy, crazy world!

    1. Thanks for reading Alice.
      I’m not going to comment on Anderson’s appearance, because 1) as you already stated it doesn’t really matter what a trainer looks like in order for them to be competent, and 2) that’d just be slipping into a lowly ad hominem attack.

      But what I can address on this front is the fact that she sells lies. No one can change the length of their muscles unless they get surgery and hack away or add some bone. That’s a physiological fact.
      And getting “teeny tiny”, aside from getting lean through managing calorie intake, or building muscle by applying the correct training stimulus and also managing calorie intake, is entirely based on somebody’s genetic predisposition to building muscle and their skeletal structure. To blatantly lie to consumers by suggesting some ridiculous arm waving is going to change the shape of their bodies is wholly unethical.

      1. Will, I am very late in leaving a comment and thanks for your well-written words. Just out of interest, though . . . Tracy Anderson claims to have gained, I think, 40lbs (page 15, 30-day method), at some point. Has anyone ever seen those pics? We all know before and after pics can be faked, but to make such a powerful statement, which would surely add to her sales, and then not show it. Hmm?

        1. Yeah I’d call bullshit on that too. What she does or has done with her own body really isn’t my concern though to be honest. My argument is against the absolute nonsense she spouts. A high school P.E. student would have a far better understanding of anatomy and physiology than her.
          But I’d say you’re right. I’ve never seen that claim (I don’t make it point to keep much of an eye on what incompetent fools do) but if she’s claiming that she was once 40lbs heavier and then, I presume, lost it due to her “methods” then yeah, I’d expect that a PR whizz like her would’ve milked it for it was worth, if it was in fact true.

    1. I’m not sure if you’re being facetious or not Richard, but aside from the obvious that I’ve highlighted – the fact she has zero understanding of anatomy & physiology pertaining to fitness training, and instead opts to prey on (especially) females’ insecurities with “heavy weights will make you bulky” type of claims – yes, the main points that will further highlight this can be gleaned from the 13 (and counting) links to other articles about her that I’ve included in the post.

      1. No, I’m absolutely not being facetious. I shouldn’t have to read through 13 links to get the point of your article. I don’t know either one of you, but you do a lot of name-calling in your article, not backed up by one single example (I guess they’re buried in your links, which once again, one shouldn’t have to read to get to the point). Everything you wrote in your response here was missing from your article, and was not “obviously highlighted”. I guess this was meant only to be read by people who have a deep familiarity with the Ms. Anderson.

  13. I am very delayed in this response! I will share that I both agree and disagree with you. I have done many forms of exercise from running to aerobics, step classes, toning classes, p90x, 21 day fix etc. Being a mom has made some of the home workouts more feasible for me. I found that doing p90x and 21 day fix as well as my own hybrid of squats, lunges and then cardio were really boring (to me!), hurt my left knee and made me look worse than I have ever looked (in my opinion my hubbie thought I looked great after p90x). I am petite – 5’1 and I don’t build muscle anywhere on the level of a serious body builder but I sure felt “bulky” I also have found over the last few years after hitting 40 that weight was very hard to shed! I was always around 105 lbs and steadily gained to 115 over a two year period. I finally tried Tracy Anderson streaming, I don’t do anything diet related she has recommend and can’t even always fit in the cardio she recommends and oftentimes will jog or walk with my dog for cardio. However, my body has truly transformed in the 6-7 months I have done it. It has been slow but I feel strong, my core is stronger than ever I have lost 4-5 pounds but more importantly have lost inches but look toned and strong in a way I never have before. I also will say I love her dance cardio with the right music it is fun and way better than running.

    I think the most important thing is that people be smart and use their heads- sounds like whatever diet she used to promote was ridiculous – she also doesn’t focus on form at all which could cause injuries if people aren’t really careful – I have read the good and bad and I personally try to be very mindful of my form by using a mirror and using what I have been taught from other trainers and I try and eat a clean, balanced diet lower on sugar but I don’t diet or count calories. I personally have found her method to work wonders for me and am excited to continue but I also think your opinion and the others you have cited are good to have out there so we can all have eyes wide open. I think she may have heard some of your critiques because she no longer promoted her diets (she has said so in her vitality weeks) and now encourages everyone to be “their best self” not everyone be a teeny tiny dancer which is a message I agree with (which may be marketing too but I think it is a good message)

    1. Hi Jennie,

      Apologies for the delayed reply, I somehow missed this one.

      But skimming through your lengthy comment, everything you’ve mentioned appears to be nothing more than your personal anecdote.
      The problem with anecdotes is that there are so many uncontrolled confounding factors.
      If you’ve achieved some positive results, that’s awesome. However this could be due to so many factors, such as going from no recent exercise to some, or a change in diet and lifestyle, or any other undetermined factors. And, we have nothing other than your subjective feedback to gauge these results, i.e. we have nothing to compare; you may well have achieved even greater results, more efficiently, via some other means.

      Anderson is a fraud, who frequently spouts nonsense that is not supported by even the most basic scientific principles and physiological realities.

  14. I’ve been following Tracy’s method for 3 months and have lost more weight and inches in this time than I ever did following Pilates yoga or the other crappy fad work outs. She may be a fake as far as her blonde goody goody persona but she delivers her promise of a body and health that is what I never thought possible. Her past practices are only proof that we all make mistakes and when were successful the leaches come out to try to hop on the bandwagon and get a piece of the pie. I don’t believe no woman should ever lift more than 3 pounds and guess what? She doesn’t either. In my latest DVD from her she lifts 5. People grow change and admit their wrongs as she has. I’ll never understand why people hate her so much. Besides the super photoshopping of her covers and pictures lol she’s awesome!

    1. 5 pounds? Hold the phones folks!
      You understand that I and many, many other proficient trainers and S & C coaches regularly have female clients of all types lift significantly more than their own bodyweight on some of the bigger lifts, right? I have several 50+ year old female clients of normal size who regularly deadlift anywhere from 70-110kg (~150-240 pounds), without harbouring a specific goal of training for maximum strength. This isn’t at all unusual.

      Congratulations on your weight loss. If that was your goal, well done, because it’s not easy to do. Keeping it off is even more difficult.

      However, neither I, nor any other honest and competent fitness professional would ever attribute our clients’ weight loss to our training methodology.
      Weight loss is simply a matter of reducing calorie intake to less than calorie expenditure, and maintaining it for a long enough period of time. So any weight loss our clients achieve is courtesy of sound dietary advice, and more importantly and far more complex, sound strategies in creating dietary adherence.
      It’s nothing to do with any training modality. The calorie expenditure difference between (actual) strength training or Pilates or Tracy’s…whatever it is she calls what she does, is negligible in the context of real weight loss.

      The role of (actual) strength training, is to build useful strength and, very importantly and something that Anderson deliberately and dangerously works against, to build muscle.
      Muscle mass is what creates shape or “tone”, helps in maintaining healthy body fat levels through increased metabolic output, and very importantly for females, helps to stave off osteoporosis, something Anderson’s advice will more likely accelerate than prevent.

      But if your goal is to lose weight at all costs, regardless of whether that weight comes from body fat or from precious muscle tissue, then I have all the confidence in the world in Anderson’s nonsensical training and crash diet advice too.

  15. Tracy is a fraud! No question about it. She will tell you how rich and successful she is but truth is she’s broke and won’t pay her bill she owes me. She uses people until they are all dried up. Lying, using fraud, manipulating not paying her bills are just the start of this sick human being! Gwenith was played, as well as all others following her to pretend they are IN with a celeb crowd! Look at her mug shot, I would think there are more or more to come for sure.

  16. I actually was doing that workout (free on YouTube) when she made ref to not lifting more than 3 lbs…needless to say, I didn’t move on with anymore of her “workouts”. Totally stupid….luckily I didn’t purchase any of them…

  17. Ama Kainano Amazing Fitness is the biggest scam artist in the fitness industry in Brisbane. Always runs fake charity and events to rip people off money

    1. Haven’t heard of her Paul, but there are plenty of scammers in this industry so I’m not at all surprised. If she’s truly running fake charity events, you could probably get that looked into and she would be charged accordingly.

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